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RRU launches BA in Global Tourism Management

The first cohort of the BA in Global Tourism Management program will come to campus in 2014 and program lead Prof. Eugene Thomlinson is keen to share his enthusiasm for the industry with new students.

“Tourism has the potential to do a lot of good in a lot of places,” Thomlinson says, noting that extends into the sharing of cultures, economic benefits and environmental impacts. “It can provide value to protect areas that wouldn’t otherwise be protected. It can give people further recognition and realization of the value of their culture.”

In order to identify and move those positive opportunities into action tourism, professionals need a solid understanding of the industry and that is what Royal Roads aims to impart through the new program.

“Students will walk away with a very complete understanding of how the tourism industry operates, looking at everything from destination management to marketing to digital communications,” Thomlinson says. “They will get a very broad applied and academic perspective on the tourism industry and a constant appreciation of the global connections in the industry, where the opportunities are and where the industry is likely to be headed.”

The program differs from Royal Roads’ School of Tourism and Hospitality Management’s current offerings in a few ways. The BA in International Hotel Management is focused on hotels and hospitality, while this new program concentrates on tourism and takes a broad look at the travel industry as a whole.

What remains consistent throughout the school however, is the focus on teamwork and collaboration. The on-campus program gives students the choice between completing the course work in one or two years, with both options including an internship opportunity.

“Opportunity-wise, there is this broadening need across the world as tourism continues to grow, and it is one of the industries that does continue to grow,” Thomlinson says, noting opportunities exist for students who are willing to open themselves up to new ideas. “We are going to do whatever we can to facilitate that.”