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Fanshawe College

Effective Date: 
September 1, 2017 to August 31, 2022
Fanshawe College

Objective of the Agreement

Applicants from Fanshawe College who have completed of the Graduate Certificate (GC) in Public Safety Leadership who also hold an undergraduate degree or approved diploma/advanced diploma and have a minimum of five years public safety work experience will be considered for entry into RRU’s Master of Arts in Leadership. Graduates of the GC in Public Safety Leadership who do not possess an undergraduate degree will still be considered under the flexible admissions guidelines for the Master of Arts in Leadership, which will look at a combination of the applicant’s professional and academic experience.

In addition to successful completion of the GC in Public Safety Leadership, applicants will still need to meet any remaining entrance requirements for the Master of Arts in Leadership (per the program admission requirements on the RRU website) and pursue the regular application process.

RRU agrees that students admitted to the Master of Arts in Leadership, who have previously completed the GC in Public Safety Leadership will receive transfer credit for the following courses:

  • LEAD 516 – Concepts & Theory of Leadership in Organizations
  • LEAD 517 – Self-Directed Studies