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Squash at RRU

We have two squash courts available for players of all skill levels. You may book a court by phone (250.391.2700) or in person. Racquets and balls are included.

Squash Ladder

A squash ladder is a good way to encourage games between members looking for someone to play or even to challenge you.


  • You can only challenge one level above your current level.
  • You must play a challenge match with someone at an equal or lower level before challenging someone in a level above your current level.
  • You have the option to refuse a challenge, if you have already played a match with the challenging player in the past two weeks.
  • You may play other players at your own level (or below) as often as you like (however, the only way to move up the ladder is to play someone in a higher level).
  • A player moves up on a ladder by challenging another player at a higher level and winning the match. The winning player takes the losing player's position. The losing player moves down one position, and shifts everyone beneath him/her down one position.
  • A player can also move up the ladder if they are challenged by a higher level player and beats the challenger.
  • Matches are played to the best of three-five games. These can be played to best of two of three if both players agree.
  • Players are responsible for scheduling their matches and arranging their own court times as well as recording the results of the match. Results will be updated and posted weekly.
  • Matches should be played within a week of the challenge being issued.

Want to join the squash ladder?

Please e-mail RRU Rec Centre or call us at: 250.391.2700