Recruitment Process

Looking to hire a student, contractor, seasonal employee or a highly skilled professional? CareerRoads is a no-fee service for organizations to post opportunities to RRU students and alumni.

Quick Links:

1. Post Your Opportunity

Develop a company profile, upload a job description and manage applications as they are submitted or upon closing of your posting.

If you would prefer the office of Work Integrated Learning to manage this step for you, simply email the Career Learning and Development office with the job description, start and end dates, application information and salary.

2. Review Applications

After your job closes, review the applications, or you may wish to request CareerRoads to send all applications to you in a booklet form upon closing of the posting.  If your position closes and you have received no applications, please contact the Career Learning and Development office for additional support.

3. Interview Students

Once you have screened the applications and selected the chosen applicants, you may contact the students directly for interviews.

4. Make An Offer

Once the successful candidate has been chosen, you may contact them directly with the offer.

If the closed position is an internship opportunity, the host and student must complete the Internship Contract form and submit it along with the job description to the Career Learning and Development office office.